Grandmaster William Cheung talks and demonstrates the most advanced and effective fighting strategy using pressure points on the body. Pressure points are energetic centres located along the channels (meridians). According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, pressure points are energetic centres that serves to access Zhen Qi which flows in the 12 Primary Meridians. Chinese Medicine practitioner accesses pressure points to move Qi stagnation in the Meridians and regain smooth flow of Qi.

In Martial Arts pressure points are used to imbalance and affect regular flow of Qi and disable opponent. Using pressure points strategy is very effective and necessary against Physically strong and big opponents.


The seminar covered also basic principles and theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the basic Qi Gong elements.

Basic and Advanced Chi Sao technique are included like a fighting strategy against grapplers and MMA fighters.


This was a rare opportunity to capture the Grandmaster to talk about the most advanced and still secret system in Martial Arts world.


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Price: £25.00