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With its long history and significant importance Traditional Wing Chun Wooden Dummy or Muk Yan Jong is still considered imperative training equipment for practice. Wooden Dummy is designed to simulate an opponent for Wing Chun practitioners. For many reasons the idea of designing Wooden Dummy was necessary requirements and it is still, for practice specific tasks and to help training different forms of practice.


Significant importance of Wooden Dummy reflects in its purpose and goals that wished to be achieved as mentioned above. In order to grasp and discern Wooden Dummy’s role it is necessary to go back in time, eighteenth century when Wing Chun was created, and understand Chinese social status and ruling government which was reigning by the Qing Dynasty, when any form of Martial Arts practice was abolished. Due to people’s dissatisfaction with the Manchus ruling government they did not have any intentions to stop practicing and cultivating Martial Arts, and therefore, Wooden Dummy was perfect way to continue and express their determination towards Martial Arts without any exposure to public and endangering their own lives. Since the practice form on the Wooden Dummy does not require another human being that was very convenient to secure their safety and very little chance of exposure of any sympathy towards Martial Arts.

Another and perhaps the most important aspect of Muk Yan Jong intention that should not be neglected is that serves as inexhaustible partner “that never gets tired” which enables Wing Chun practitioner to train for long hours and improve his skills to the level of perfection without having human factor involved.


As we can see above how strategic and diligently purpose of this devise was created the design of the Muk Yan Jong was forges in the same way.

Constructing the design for the Muk yan Jong was as important and challenging as the complex background for its aim, with a strategic and diligent approach to bring the foremost and finest results when using it.  


Muk Yan Yong comprises of the body, arms and a leg, designating a sparring partner. It is made of a solid wood that can withstand high impacts and arms are glazed to enable nice and smooth sliding movements while practicing. Wooden frame runs through the body which is height adjustable and the frame is attached to the wall. Preferable wooden frame is chosen as the wood allows elasticity and absorption to create a moving play of the body in aim to get a feeling of as real opponent as possible.  


Muk Yan Jong is doubtless one of the most practical and sophisticated inventions of old times, but however living in different times and environment various difficulties may occur, such as: lack of space, easy to move, etc.  With the moving technology nowadays that enables us easy production and different requirement many diverse shapes are being made. Most popular models of Wooden Dummies are Wall Mounted, Free Standing, Spinning Dummy etc.  Muk Yan Yong is greatly manufactured in China and distributed all around the world.

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