China Tour 2018



We are pleased to present another exciting China tour 2018 from 16th until 30th April 2018. Do not miss this opportunity to experience and see the best of China with its fascinating culture. This tour is particularly interesting for genuine martial artists who pursue traditional values of martial arts and their origins. There is no better place to look for it than monastery Shaolin in Henan province and Wudang in Hubei. In one place and at the same time you will be able to visit and learn about two most popular Chinese martial art, Tai Ji Quan and Wing Chun.


Shaolin Temple, Dengfeng


We will have this opportunity to visit Shaolin temple and to see a marble plaque erected in tribute to Wing Chun existence and its hardship to survive during its exile since the Qing Dynasty in eighteenth century.


Another as important place for Chinese martial arts is Wudangshan or Wudang mountain. Beautiful scenic landscape with its seventy two peeks, hides many secrets of Chinese martial arts development, especially Tai Ji Quan. We will have the privilege to have a special five days training with one of the most recognized Tai Ji masters, Master Tang. We shall immerse ourselves in learning the genuine Wudang Tai Ji Quan, the way how originally was created and where was created.