Si Fu Zak

Utterly dedicated to its students and all people interested in Martial Arts, Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy “Chuen” is proud of its existence for sixteen years of teaching experience. The Academy’s loyalty to the Traditional Wing Chun and teaching the traditional elements has been from the first day of operating. It is affiliated with the “World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association” and has always pursued the lineage of the Grandmaster William Cheung under the management of the instructor Si-Fu Zak Zivanovic.



The Academy’s teaching scheme complies with the Statutory Regulations and educational program of the World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association. Classes are run by Si-Fu Zak Zivanovic and his assistants. Si Fu Zak has been studying Wing Chun for over seventeen years and his first teaching classes began in 1996. He earned his instructor’s level in 2002 when he started to study Traditional Chinese Medicine. After his graduation and the fulfilment of his dream, he continued to teach Wing Chun and practice Chinese Medicine, since, he believes that, the only way to discern Chinese Martial arts and Martial Arts to become a life style is to practice these two disciplines .


The main goals of the Academy are to preserve this ancient martial art and tradition, training self discipline, pursues self cultivation, physical and spiritual development and balances the body and the mind. The Academy welcomes all students and people who would like to contribute in maintaining and nourishing this long traditional art and a genuine energy that has been created for centuries.